People & Culture

Do you want your people to be engaged, thrive and be their best selves in your organisation? Do you wish to have a people agenda that is fully aligned with your business objectives? Do you want to see your whole team committed to your company vision?

Re-shaping your company culture

A company’s culture underpins everything a growing company needs to do – attract, engage, develop and retain the best people. A healthy culture is a culture that is alive and translates into everyday behaviours that enable the company to reach its desired results. In short, it will determine a company’s success. 
       Company culture is being reshaped by the pandemic, new generations (Millennials and Gen Z) in the workforce as well as the great resignation, which has seen employees re-evaluating what is important to them. Let us help you re-shape and fine-tune your company culture to work for you in today’s post-covid reality.

People & Culture strategy

Defining a People & Culture strategy is a key step in ensuring that your People & Culture agenda is aligned with the needs of the business, in every step of the employee life cycle. Successful organisations are innovative, creative, and agile. Such a strategy is the enabler of these critical elements, adapting to new situations and shaping a great employee experience in a post-Covid era.
      We will partner with you through the process and add an objective view to ensure that your People & Culture strategy integrates with all aspects of the business, with your vision in focus.

Business development simulations

When people see the big picture, they can make better sense of their day-to-day work. Acting as a solution provider for Celemi, we help your employees see how everything fits together, either as a part of your corporate training program, or as a stand-alone workplace learning session. This is an established concept, with workshops in their initial design ranging from half a day to two days, depending on topic, complexity, coverage and delivery. Workshop participants learn from exploration, peer discussions, group discovery and hands-on experience using realistic game-based business simulations.